School Linking Project in UK


The aim of Mend the Gapís long-term School Linking Project in UK is to sustainably link the students, teachers and Board of Governors of the linked schools in UK with their contemporaries in Kenya initially and later link the UK schools to contemporaries globally. Linking not only involves cultural exchange and ties but also the establishment curriculum and extra-curriculum links as well as learning from each other and undertaking reciprocal visits to exchange experiences. Mend the Gap makes this possible by enabling secure and web chats between vetted participants on either side of the linked schools. We also are known and trusted by the two linked schools and will continue to follow-up and sustain relationships even when responsible key staff or boards of governors that have been involved either change or move on.

The schools that Mend the Gap works with in Avon and Somerset have been systematically linked in a long-term way with the schools that Mend the Gap works with in Western Kenya. This work continues and will be expanded to cover schools throughout England and Wales. As the number of linked schools in the UK expand, so will the linked schools in Kenya increase in number. Several visits from schools have been made to linked schools in Kenya and more are planned e.g. visits from Clevedon School, Kings of Wessex Academy, Churchill Academy, Weston College, and Gordano Academy.

Naturally, organised exchange visits by individuals from linked schools has led to the individuals separately or in groups travelling back to Kenya to go on ethical safaris and to volunteer during gap-years, year-outs or holidays. This fits in well to support our ethical safaris and volunteering projects as highlighted in the ethical safaris and volunteering project section.